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Pour prendre ces photos, nous utilisons uniquement l'eau et la lumière naturelle, notre appareil et une inspiration. Cette approche en apnée nous permet de réduire au maximum les perturbations sur les animaux et le milieu marin

Blue Sharks - Beasts - Humans - Sinked - Caves - Fresh Water - Chlorine - Urban Swimming 

Blue Sharks

Sharks from Cornwall, UK


Dolphins, seals, catfishs and large animals


Humans around the sea


Wreck, statue and anything that could have been sunk at the bottom of the sea


Our underground adventures , at the bottom of the catacombs, quarry of limestone or even in caves

Fresh Water

Fresh water is everywhere, a great opportunity to do photography


Apnea competition, training or deep pool : chlorinated lifestyle

Urban Swimming

Rediscover the city from the water